High Temperature putty
Cont. service temp. 1,287℃

Adhesion, sealing and protection of high temperature part and piping such as metal and ceramic. It can be used for most chemical products and solvents.


Temperature:Max: 1648℃(Cont. ope temp: 1287℃)

Compressive strength:105kg/cm²

Expansion rate:5%

Permittivity:3.0(at 10° cps)

Insulation properties:145 V/mil

Heat conductivity:6.0(at 260℃)

Shrinkage ratio:2%



・Repair of boiler...Cracks in exhaust pipe expansion joints, gas leakage from exhaust pipe flanges, repair of refractory materials in furnaces.

・It's suitable for a sealing material for diesel engines, gas turbines and turbochargers, for a repair agent for high temp. parts of incinerators and exhaust gas systems.

*It can not be used in areas exposed to water leakage and water.