Unbeatable pressure resistance

Amazing adhesion which becomes a substitute for welding!
You can repair hydraulic piping with this.
MAX: 21MPa

For any metals & resins

Aluminium alloys, Cast irons, Cooper & Cooper alloys...
It repairs with all kinds of materials.

It also has excellent chemical resistance and can be used with gasoline and fuel gases.

MaterialEpoxy resin
Temperatureー40~178℃ (Continuouse use 148℃)
ChemicalCFC / Gasolene / Kerosene / Toluene / l / Vegetable oil / Animal oil / Pressure oil /  Grease / Fuel gas / Fuel oil
Major usage*Repair of high press. hydraulic piping

Substitute for brazing of refrigerant copper piping

Substitute for welding

*Use Heat Gun