Just cut and knead it

This product has layers of two components, combining by kneading and hardening.

It can be used for all kinds of places such as straight pipes, threads, elbows, etc.

Epoxy Putty

With its chemical resistant, it can be used with gasoline, etc.

It can also be used for a wider range of repairs in combination with other repair agents.

Pressure10 kg/cm²
Temperature-40~200 ℃
Chemical10% Acetic acid / 2%Nitric acid / 10% Sulfric acid / 10% Hydracid / Acetone / Xylole / Gasoline/ Methanol / Ethanol / 10% Hydrochlonic acid / Caustic soda
Major usageRepairing areas where tape-type repairer cannot be wound

Repair over the top during water or air leakage

Repair of auxiliary steam engines

Repair pump casings from the inside