Instant adhesion repair material
A new sense of repair agent by using liquid and power.
It can be used for a wide range of applications and can respond quickly even i emergency case.
Liquid alone can be used as an adhesive.
Repair any material in seconds!
It needs a few seconds ~ several tens of seconds to adhere.
For metal, PVC, Plastic, Rubber Wood, Pottery, FRP, Leather, and any materials...
MaterialEthyl 2-cyanoacrylate / Glass oxide
Pressure*150~70 kg/cm²
Temperature-50~95 ℃
Chemical*2Ethanol / Nitrous acid* / Gasolene / Benzine / Toluene / Xylene / Hydrochloric acid* / Sulfuric acid* / Phosphoric acid* / Odium hydroxide
Major usage*3
Be used for bonding, pipe repair, putty filling, etc.

Repair is completed in seconds.

Best for repairing piping, rubber hoses, and air hoses.

Easy to process after curing, allowing threading, polishing, and painting.
Validity2 years from manufacture.

*1 Repeated work will increase the strength.

*2 Concentration may reduce chemical resistance.

*3 Cannot be used for PE, styrene resin, Si, paper, and fluorine compounds.