Self fusing silicon tape

When pulling strongly while winding it, the tapes wil self-fuse and they will adhere to broken parts.

It can be used on most pipes and hoses because not adhering to the piping itself.

Also, it is also resistant to deterioration with its silicone material, and can be used outdoors. We have examples that have been in use for 10 years.

Stop leakage under pressure

It can handle air leaks as well as water. Its high heat resistance can stop steam as well.

Stronger repairs can be achieved by overlapping wrapping or in combination with other repair agents.

MaterialSilicon ruber
ChemicalAcetic acid (10%) / Nitric (2%) / Hydracid / Methanol / Ethanol / Coolant
Major usageFor water, air, and oil leaks

For auxiliary steam engines

Friction tape