Equip with Newbuild

When equiping with new vessels, they support maintenance by the crew and help keep the vessel in good condition.

First aid until Docking

By appropriate repair unexpected trouble,you can significantly reduce the cost of emergency arrangements.

Daily Troubleshooting

It tackles daily troubles such as water and steam leaks while also prolonging the lifespan of the vessel.

From first aid kit for ship
To your ship's doctor

SHiP+AiD aims to be a ship's doctor that supports ship's health and provides you with peace of mind and safety.

We offer a variety of after-services to ensure that you make full use of SHiP+AiD experience.

Suggested knack of repair

We will propose the most appropriate repair material and procedures for any troubles that occured on board.

Inventory Management System

Smoothly check inventory status and reorder as needed. We help you reduce hassle and respond quickly.